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Crimsafe Performance Testing

Proven Security - Crimsafe passes all Australian and Industry Standards Tests

On this site you'll see we mention the fact that Crimsafe passes a lot of Australian and Industry Standards tests. But what are these tests, and what do they mean for you?

They mean you can trust Crimsafe because our product range as a whole passes more tests than any of the competing brands of security mesh that we have had independently tested.

Australian Standard AS 5039-2008 Security Screen Door and Security Window Grilles is the main product standard, and it refers to AS 5041-2003 Methods of Test - Security Screen Doors and Window Grilles.

Australian Standard AS 5039-2008 specifies, and Crimsafe passes, the following tests:

Dynamic Impact Test 
Pull Test 
Jemmy Test 
Shear Test 
Knife Shear Test 
Probe Test

Australian Standard AS 1170.2 specifies, and Crimsafe passes, the following tests:

Category 3 Cyclone Missile Test (All Crimsafe Products)
Category 4 Cyclone Missile Test (Commercial Grade Crimsafe Only)

Crimsafe also scores highly on these "Rating Only" Industry Standards Tests:

Fire Attenuation Test 
1000-hour Salt Spray Test

Each of these tests ensures that Crimsafe won't fail in a particular security application.

Click on the name of the test to see what it entails, and why Crimsafe is the best product of its kind on the market.